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What kind of student is the ideal Simon School Student?
Who is the ideal student for The Simon School?
*Is your current school so large your student is one of thousands? Each teacher has 100-200 students' names, grades, interests, and needs to keep track of?
*Does your school place more emphasis on sports or extra-curricular activities than on the foundational academics that comprise school?
*Is  a significant portion of the Spring term taken up with standardized tests?
*Is your student able to do well on tests, but doesn't remember what they learned?
*Is your student developing anxiety, gastrointestinal issues, or low self-esteem because of the FSA and other high stakes testing?
*Do the same 10 kids always get all the accolades?
*Does it sometimes feel like your student is not being challenged or that the curriculum pace is not being set for their best interests & personal needs?
*Does your student struggle on reading or writing tests and you worry they will learn to hate reading and hate school?
*Do you wish your student was required to read entire novels, titles that were required when you went to school?
*Do you wish there was less politicization and more character-building in school?
*Do you worry that your student may be doing well, but not well enough to thrive in the competitive world of work or college?
The Simon School addresses those concerns and creates a space for everyone to become their best self.
Our ideal student is the student that could benefit from a smaller environment, one where they are heard and encouraged to lead and thrive academically and socially.
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