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Tuition & Fees

Full-time Tuition & Fees

We believe education is an investment in ourselves. Investing in an education from The Simon School is not only a decision that will benefit your child today, but forevermore.  Attending The Simon School is a life-changing decision as it provides your child with life-enriching experiences and unique opportunities. We pride ourselves in putting our students first in every decision we make, including doing our best to keep an excellent education affordable.

For detailed pricing click here:

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Fun Friday

Fun Fridays are a great way to bring academics to life! From  string quartets, to theater, to museum visits and guest speakers as well as a variety of community service opportunities. For more detailed pricing information please click here:

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Our Clubs are a great way for home-school students to socialize through fun activities they enjoy. We offer gardening, book club, arts & crafts and culinary arts. For more detailed pricing information please click here:

Craft Supplies

Part-time Tuition & Fees

We understand that home-school families enjoy greater flexibility than traditional school environments.

We are happy to further that flexibility with our part-time enrollment option.

For detailed pricing click here:

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Subject Specific

Subject specific options are a great way to dive deep into one topic! From British literature to Colonial American History and more, these classes let your child choose things they are passionate about and explore it. Classes last 4 weeks each. For more detailed pricing information please click here:

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Parent University

We are partners with parents and therefore we offer activities for parents too!  We currently have 2 clubs for parents that meet once a month. Book Club and Parent University. For pricing information click here:

Doing Homework
Is your child a struggling reader? We can help. Not only are our academic courses meant to strengthen skills, but our scholarships are meant to ease the burden.
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