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Mission Statement

To provide our students a Classical education rooted in the values and traditions of our
Judeo-Christian faiths  with project-based learning and applications based assessments so as to prepare our students to excel in the world beyond our doors.

Vision Statement:

​We believe that happiness is achieved through balance. Balance  for us means incorporating technology based instruction alongside ample opportunities for project-based  learning with lessons that are measured in applicability of, and not regurgitation of, knowledge. At The Simon School each student's personal gifts are important. We help guide students towards their life purpose through strong character-based school culture and academic courses that incorporate philosophical and spiritual Judaeo-Christian understandings of the world and their place in it. Our foundation in the classics, self-discipline, and Socratic thinking allows our students to excel in every endeavor.

Our Crest:

Our school crest: a crown (Achievement), the 3 Fleur de Lis (Faith, Hope, Friendship), the Lion of Judah (Courage), the banner with our motto in Latin: Prudentia (Wisdom), Humanitas (Humanity), Veritas (Truth).
We expect our faculty to exemplify these traits and for our students to pursue them with vigor. It takes great courage to seek the truth, to seek wisdom, and to seek to honor everyone's shared humanity. Through a strong moral compass grounded in faith, friendship, and hope we believe our students will achieve any goal they set for themselves and become the crowning achievement and joy of their families and communities.
simon school crest 4.png
simon school crest 4.png
simon school crest 4.png
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