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See what parents and students think of Ms. Simon's teaching style

Parents love what Ms. Simon's approach does for their children:


Ms. Simon was my son's teacher.  My son has matured significantly this past academic year and we thank Ms. Simon's teachings in particular. The curriculum covered was vast and mentally challenging for young teenagers and Ms. Simon guided the class to think outside the box as they worked on team and individual assignments. The curriculum covered truly expanded my son's thought process and pushed him to a higher level of academic performance. He learned valuable information that has made a lasting impact on him and has increased his feelings of compassion & empathy.

- Lisa S.

Dear Mrs. Simon,

Thank you so much for giving my daughter the opportunity to attend Holocaust Studies this year. Not only has it been an academically challenging and thorough course, it has been a class that has provoked thoughtful discussion around the dinner table and ignited an interest in political conversation. Rachel has also really delved into her Jewish roots. We are a typical family from both a Christian and Jewish backgrounds. We embrace the traditions but have shied away from any formal training. This course sparked something inside her and, as a result she has joined BBYO and is exploring her heritage on her own. 

The course was delivered with compassion, both for the students and those who witnessed the atrocities. I can honestly say that Rachel is leaving... well prepared to push herself academically after completing this class. Your dedication to this class, and the invaluable lessons the children have learned, will be forever in these kids’ hearts.

Please know that your effort has been felt so well and with great impact by your students and their families! Thank you from our family.


Sarah L.


Students love  Ms. Simon's teaching style:


Ms Simon, 

     I wanted to say thank you for all that you have taught me and for influencing me positively throughout the year...I have become a more motivated student. This class was my favorite class. Not just because of my friends, but mostly due to the lessons and methods that you used to teach us. I enjoyed voicing my opinion and stating facts to back my opinions up in our Socratic seminars. I enjoyed being able to collaborate with my teammates in our group projects. I loved watching Victorian Slums to see how industrialization evolved throughout time and added growth to our economy. I loved writing essays in our class because I could articulate my ideas and the intricacies of my opinions without judgement. I was able to accomplish this because you were my teacher. I am writing to you to let you know that you are making a difference and to please continue what you are doing for our future and to keep expressing your thoughts on antisemitism. Thank you very much for everything. I will miss you!

                -Catalina S (Holocaust & Human Rights)


Dear Ms. Simon,

You have changed the lives of the very few lucky individuals who had you as a teacher. You helped me become a more educated, but more importantly, a better person. You put so much effort into our program, and so much heart. I feel like you saw us differently, and you believed in us. You saw the potential that we all had, and you strived for us to realize it too. Thank you for your love, and for believing in us. 

 - Timofey K. (English Literature)

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