Our Daily Schedule & School Structure



9am to 3pm

*student who choose to purchase our breakfast plan may arrive as early as 8am and no later than 8:45am

Students  attend 3 days a week Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for direct instruction academic courses in the morning plus group activities, tutoring, and independent study after lunch.

Fridays are optional (for a separate fee)


Fun Friday:  consist of one of the following on a rotating basis : field trips, guest speakers, community service and cultural enrichment!


Students may enroll as part-time students or for Subject specific and clubs only.

See our Programs page for details.

Students may bring their lunch or purchase our meal plan consisting of a variety of healthy choices per week.

All courses are student-centered project-based learning  and taught by  subject area experts.

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Our Micro-school program is the best of all worlds. It allows your child the flexibility of schedule that home-schooling gives. It allows for truly small personalized instruction from an award winning professional educator. And with a variety of options it costs significantly less than a private tutor with the same credentials as Ms. Simon!

Ours is a Classical education with our curriculum focus being the development of virtue, wisdom through wonder (thinking well), and becoming life-long learners.

The deep study of the Liberal Arts is to cultivate humanity to be characterized by wisdom, virtue, and eloquence.

Our students achieve this through the study of classical texts including the Iliad, the Odyssey, the Aeneid, Dante's Inferno,  The King James Bible, Shakespeare, Our Founding Documents, canonical texts from Western civilization, and the rhetorical analysis of great speeches as well as through courses in History, Culture & Civilization, Philosophy, Theology, as well as art & music appreciation. In addition to these fundamental classical courses, our students also undertake the study of public speaking, culinary arts, gardening & conservationism, and more.

Our students master the skills of written and oral communication, personal finances, civic engagement, and analytical thinking.

Dual Enrollment
We are proud to be a part of Loyola University New Orleans' pilot Dual Enrollment Program. Loyola University is a ranked among the top universities in the nation for quality of undergraduate instruction. Our students who enroll in this program receive instruction directly from Loyola University professors.

Dual enrollment costs are to be determined  as soon as Loyola's program is available.

Fun Fact: Carolina Simon -the founder and Head of School at The Simon School is a Loyola University New Orleans alumni Board member.