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Our Daily Schedule & School Structure



9am to 3pm

*student who choose to purchase our breakfast plan may arrive as early as 8am and no later than 8:45am

Students  attend 3 days a week Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for direct instruction academic courses in the morning plus group activities, tutoring, and independent study after lunch.

Fridays are optional (for a separate fee)


Fun Friday:  consist of one of the following on a rotating basis : field trips, guest speakers, community service and cultural enrichment!

Students may bring their lunch or purchase our meal plan consisting of a variety of healthy choices per week.

All courses are student-centered project-based learning  and taught by  subject area experts (subject area expertise is demonstrated by a graduate degree in the subject).

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Our Micro-school program is the best of all worlds. It allows your child the flexibility of schedule that home-schooling gives. It allows for truly small personalized instruction from an award winning professional educator. And with a variety of options it costs significantly less than a private tutor with the same credentials as Ms. Simon and her team!

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