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At the Simon School we believe an education is more than knowing facts and figures. We believe an education should enrich your life and help you become your best self.

We offer enrichment courses that are engaging, enlightening, and develop a love of learning. These are academic and creative courses taken for the purpose of learning for the sake of learning - the seeking of wisdom through wonder.

These courses are a la carte enrollment and meet 1- 3 times a week each depending on the course. 

The Simon School Choice Program:

Students can choose from several courses or clubs including the following:

Holocaust & Human Rights for the 21st Century

Public Speaking/Speech writing & giving

International Protocol & Etiquette

Interfaith Discussions and Celebrations

Academic Writing

Documentary making

Theater Production

Art History/Appreciation

STEAM Maker Space

Fun Friday Field trips and activities (this includes local and long distance field trips, retreats, and more)

Dual-Enrollment with Loyola University *(coming soon)

ELA (reading & writing) prep/tutoring

test prep/tutoring for Civics, American History

 Please see our tuition & fees page for details. Most courses have level 1 through 4 so students may continue to grow in their chosen trajectory within one subject matter. 

Students can also choose to join clubs:

Book Club


Culinary Arts

Arts & Crafts

Writer's Circle

and History Club

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